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Roy MacKenzie

Partner APAX International

Boardwave Patron (USA)

Roy MacKenzie
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Roy considers himself very fortunate to have worked closely with some of the most talented entrepreneurs and managers to build highly successful technology companies like King, Sophos, and Exact.

Working with these executives through some of the most exciting times in their companies’ histories, and seeing them develop their management teams, products, and companies into market leaders has been the most rewarding part of his career as an investor at Apax.

“In today’s markets, investors and companies need to learn quickly, and I have found that his happens when organizational culture encourages openness, honesty, and individuals speaking their minds. I love being part of a firm where rich, open, and direct discussions drive our actions.”

Roy Mackenzie is a Partner in the Tech team and joined Apax Partners in London in 2003. Roy also sits on the Investment Committees for the Apax Buyout Funds and Apax Global Alpha. He is currently based in New York.

Roy led the investments in Sophos (2010), Exact (2014), KAR Global (2020) and was responsible for Apax’s investment in King Digital Entertainment since 2006. In addition he worked on the investments in Duck Creek, Epicor, NXP, Paycor and Trade Me.

Prior to joining Apax, Roy spent most of his career at McKinsey & Co., where he specialised in the technology sector. He has also held operating roles at Psion Plc. and nSine Technology Inc.

Roy holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and a M.Eng in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College, London.

Roy serves on the boards of KAR Global, Duck Creek, Trade Me and Vyaire. He previously served on the boards of Epicor, Exact Holdings, King, NXP and Sophos Group plc.

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