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Govrn is a leading board management software providing an effortless and intelligent solution which allows Board Directors, Executive committees, CxO to stay always plugged in to the business context.

Govrn not only simplify board administration but also offer a modern solution for enhanced collaboration, a permanent link between the different board members and an “analyst as a service” providing market information and the latest governance information.

Govrn was created by successful technology entrepreneurs with an impressive track record as the triple unicorn Odoo (Market value: 3 billion 3), Monizze, Proxyclick, and more. The founders are also board members of several companies in Europe and the US. This experience has given them a deep understanding of how boards work and how to address the gaps in managing board excellence.

The client personas are all companies over €25M, venture capitalists and private equity firms. This allows them to stay connected to their portfolio company board at all times without jeopardizing the confidentiality between the different independent organizations

The features include multi-board management, calendar builder, minutes builder, task management, secure private chat, board analytics, e-signature, document management, interactive knowledge base, intelligent data market feeds, personal workspace, board KPIs management and much more.

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