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Hg is a leading software and services investor, focused on building champions and backing businesses that change how we all do business, through deep sector specialisation and dedicated operational support.

Hg has spent over 20 years with a strong focus on enterprise software, leading over 170 investments in the software and services sector during this time. This focus means we have developed an institutional expertise and a deep understanding of the sectors and businesses in which we invest.

Hg has a large portfolio of over 40 software and services businesses, with business models that share similar characteristics, but differ in size and maturity. Thats why it was natural for us to partner with Boardwave, together creating an environment for knowledge sharing, networking and mentoring. This is why we believe in collaboration and power of a strong network in this sector.

Based in London, Munich and New York, Hg’s portfolio comprises businesses worth over $100 billion aggregate enterprise value, with over 55,000 employees globally, growing at over 20% per year.

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