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Index Ventures

Index Ventures

Index Ventures partners with exceptional entrepreneurs—those with unique insight who are intrinsically driven to make their vision a reality. We help them turn their bold ideas into global businesses, and through the companies they build, have a long-lasting and positive impact on the world around us.

Index-backed businesses are supported by an experienced team of investors, strategists, and an extensive global network built over three decades of startup investing. Working side-by-side through the scale up journey, we forge deep and long-lasting relationships with founders and their teams. The vast majority of these partnerships begin early in the company’s life, at Seed and Series A, and extend to IPO and beyond.

Operating as one team, with feet firmly on both sides of the Atlantic - from San Francisco to New York, and London to Tel Aviv - we are an international team with a global mindset, with experience supporting founders wherever they emerge. When they succeed, they generate returns that in turn support Index’s investors, including non-profit foundations; education, healthcare and research endowments; and other mission-driven organizations.

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