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Currently, only 2 in 5 girls go on to study maths beyond GCSE, many fewer than boys. This is happening at a time when the World Economic Forum has identified maths as one of the top 10 most desirable skills for jobs in all industries by 2025. Maths4Girls is an initiative run by the charity Founders4Schools, which is pioneering a national campaign to inspire and empower 11–14-year-old girls to pursue maths to achieve their ambitions.
The mission is to reach 250,000 girls with a maths role model by June 2024. An initial pilot for Maths4Girls was run as a collaboration between 200 schools, 1,200 volunteers, and 60 maths organizations and positively impacted 25,000 girls in close coordination with the Department of Education.

The interventions with their trained volunteer role models brought about material increases in these girls' awareness, confidence, and intentions regarding carrying on in maths.

It is our ambition that no girl is left behind.

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