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Axiom Equity

Axiom Equity

Axiom is a new breed of growth investor in the UK. Our Investor-Operator founding team drives a product and growth-led approach – just like the businesses we partner with.

We believe that focus drives performance, which is why we only invest in B2B SaaS businesses. This purity of focus helps us create value and support growth, by using a suite of value-creation tools designed to specifically help SaaS businesses scale.

We are a flexible and active investor, and can invest in minority, growth and majority situations. We typically look to invest £10m - £50m in businesses generating £5m - £20m ARR, growing at 20% - 50%.

We are keen to partner with Boardwave as its ethos resonates powerfully with Axiom: we are both looking to support, enhance and build the software ecosystem by giving founders more power and opportunity to scale their businesses successfully.

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