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What To Expect At A Boardwave Debate @Dinner Or @Breakfast?

The secret sauce to a really great networking dinner is the calibre people who are there to meet you and the quality of the discussion –how interesting and thought provoking it is. We top this off by also focussing on the dining experience, whether it's at a cool venue or Michelin Star restaurant.


If you bring all these things together, everyone has a great time, learns more and meets new friends and colleagues.

The Boardwave Dinner and Breakfast Debate Series runs on a regular basis, with two dinners and one breakfast set for this Autumn to kick it off.

Each debate will be led by a world-class leader in their field. No slides, no sales pitches – just thought-provoking content.

Below are the details of the currently planned events, with dinners planned for more European cities later in 2023.

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