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What To Expect At A Boardwave Dinner Or Breakfast?

The secret sauce to a really great networking dinner is the calibre people who are there to meet you and the quality of the discussion –how interesting and thought provoking it is. We top this off by also focussing on the dining experience, whether it's at a cool venue or Michelin Star restaurant.


If you bring all these things together, everyone has a great time, learns more and meets new friends and colleagues.

The Boardwave Dinner and Breakfast Debate Series runs on a regular basis, with two dinners and one breakfast set for this Autumn to kick it off.

Each debate will be led by a world-class leader in their field. No slides, no sales pitches – just thought-provoking content.

Below are the details of the first events, with dinners planned for European cities in 2023.

How to win big globally against Silicon Valley & the rest

Date: October 12th

Venue: Annabel's Private Dining, London

Time: 6:30pm

Debate Leader: David Toms

Sponsor: Hg


In our first Dinner Debate, we revisit the topic of our first podcast, discussing the current state of the European software market and how we can be more competitive. The debate will be led by David Toms, the leading European Technology Market analyst.​

Restaurant at Night

Managing through a challenging economy

Date: November 9th

Venue: HIDE Restaurant

Time: 08:00-10:00am

Debate Leaders: Three preeminent experts;

Martin Gibson, Technology Investor, Accel.

Varun Sunderraman,Tech Banker, ARMA Partners &

Phill Robinson, Founder of Boardwave

The combined economic shock of a pandemic with the devastating war in Ukraine (not to mention Brexit if you're in the UK) has led to unanticipated levels of inflation and rising interest rates. This has had a significant impact on software valuations and impacted funding rounds for earlier-stage businesses!

We will debate what you should do about it, as a leader of a European software company. If you're loss-making, should you continue the current growth plan or slow spending to preserve capital – but possibly miss the market opportunity?

Retaining your people in a post-pandemic world

Date: November 30th

Venue: The Petersham, Covent Garden

Time: 7:00pm

Debate Leader: Adam Warby, Chair Heidrick & Struggles

Sponsor: Livingbridge & Heidricks

Hiring and retaining the best people has never been more challenging. There is a shortage of skilled and experienced people in European software, leading to a battle to hire each member of your organisation. 

Coupled with shifting attitudes, post-pandemic work also sees a growth of employees expecting the flexibility of hybrid-working – making it ever harder to build culture and cohesion.

Our debate is led by Adam Warby, for many years CEO of Avanade (The Accenture/Microsft JV), now Chair of Heidrick & Struggles, the leading staffing and recruiting firm.

Eating at the Bar
Image by Ansgar Scheffold

How to win big globally against Silicon Valley & the rest

Date: February 1st 2023

Venue: The Waldorf Astoria, Amsterdam

Time: 6:30pm

Debate Leader: Leo Apotheker

Sponsor: Inflexion


We formally launch Boardwave with our first event outside of the UK. Leo Apotheker, former CEO SAP & HP, and Boardwave Patron, leads this "dinner debate", discussing the state of the European Software market, and how we can be more competitive.​

More debates in 2023

We will cover other locations and topics throughout 2023. We're launching in Amsterdam in February, and we're planning events in Paris and Berlin with our Patrons and Sponsors. If you have a topic that you think we should debate or a location that would be perfect for a dinner please let us know!