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Leo Apotheker

Chairman; Syncron, Eudonet, Harvest

Former CEO SAP & HP

Boardwave NED & Patron (UK & France)

Leo Apotheker
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Mr. Apotheker was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) and President of The Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HPQ), or HP, and continued in that position until late 2011.

During his tenure he launched the split of the company into two distinct companies thereby unlocking significant potential and shareholder value.

Mr. Apotheker was also the CEO of the German software company SAP SE (NYSE:SAP) until 2010. Mr. Apotheker joined SAP in 1988 as the CEO of SAP France and Belgium. After successfully managing the core EMEA region for SAP.

He joined the SAP AG executive board in 2002 as President, followed by his appointment to Deputy CEO in 2007. It was under Mr. Apotheker’s leadership that the company became the global market leader in Enterprise Application software.

During his more than twenty years at SAP, Mr. Apotheker helped transform SAP from a single product company to a multi-solution company, and from a regional leader to the undisputed global category market leader.

Since retiring from executive leadership, Léo has focused on creating value in privately held technology (software) companies. In partnership with Advent he was actively involved until the successful exit with KMD (Chairman) and more recently Unit4 (Chairman).

On the growth capital side, and in partnership with Summit, Léo worked as chairman with Signavio and as an active board member with Appway, both extremely successful exits. He is currently chairman of Syncron AB and of Eudonet, and a board member at MercuryGate.

He maintains his exposure to the listed public corporate world thru his Schneider Electric and Nice NED roles

Current Responsibilities:
Chairman Syncron AS
Chairman Eudonet
Member of the Board MercuryGate International
Chairman Investment Committee, previously Lead Independent Director of the Board of Schneider Electric SE (EPA: SU)
Member of Board of Nice (Nasdaq: NICE)
Member of Board P2Energy

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