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Boardwave Breakouts

Collaborative, Inspirational, Thought-provoking

In an environment of confidentiality & trust, engage with fellow CEOs and Founders on a self-guided developmental journey over the course of a year, to hone your leadership skills, and resolve critical business issues. Boardwave Breakouts, and our unique framework and methodology, developed in partnership with internationally-renowned Executive Coach, Esther Kerstholt, drive meaningful long term benefits for their participants.

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Breakouts are groups of eight like-minded software CEOs and founders.

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Looking to solve business and leadership challenges.

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These groups meet face-to-face once a quarter over the course of a year.

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A unique framework and approach that quickly delivers significant benefits.

Boardwave Breakouts

Exclusive Sessions

These exclusive sessions are only available to Boardwave Members (Apply for membership first). They are also a powerful way for software leaders to develop deeper relationships with their industry peers throughout the duration of the programme and beyond. They’re not about having all the answers - they’re about learning, sharing and supporting each other through business challenges, with openness and honesty at the heart of every discussion.



Esther Kerstholt

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Esther is a passionate executive coach and consultant of board dynamics and leadership, with 20+ years of business and corporate experience supporting CEOs, founders and senior leaders to enhance their leadership impact and transform their companies. Esther started her career at McKinsey in the M&A practice, and recently she successfully co-built and co-sold the leadership boutique firm Aberkyn to McKinsey & Company, which currently consists of 350 professional leadership facilitators and coaches around the globe. 

Esther is Boardwave’s head coach, and is responsible for curating the Boardwave Breakout framework and guidelines for each Breakout session. She leads our network of professional coaches and Moderators from across Europe. Boardwave Moderators are senior Boardwave members, who have meaningful industry experience. They are CEOs and Founders, like you, who have been trained in the Boardwave Breakout framework, as part of their commitment to mentoring and to our community.

Esther Kersholt

Meet our Breakout Moderators

Boardwave Breakouts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of Breakouts?


Who will be in my Breakout cohorts?


What will we discuss?


What is the format of Breakout sessions?


What is the expected outcome of a Breakout?

Boardwave Breakouts present a unique opportunity to create intimate connections over a one-year journey. Cohorts will build trust and grow together, championing each other’s success and growing as leaders, professionals and human beings. The ideal outcome is for these connections to go beyond the Breakout sessions, and to become supportive, ongoing business relationships to drive long-term success. 
Having discussed and shared your challenges with your group, it is likely that someone else has had a similar experience. Through this dialogue, you may become better able to resolve the issue or situation, with confidence, enabling you to lead a more successful business.

I found the session really insightful and a great investment of my time. I entered the room not really knowing what to expect and left with some really helpful guidance and suggestions. There was a genuine desire, amongst the group, to help others. Esther was an amazing facilitator.

Colin Day
Managing Director, Oktopost

It was a very good session, 
for two reasons: 


1. It was well facilitated by Esther. 

2. The attendees were really engaged in getting value from it.

Robert Newry
Managing Director, Arctic Shores

This is something that no one else offers, as a CEO of a tech business we don't have many people to speak to and confide in so to be put in a cohort with 5 other CEOs was very impressive.

Andy McDonald
CEO, Cloudapps


Boardwave Breakouts

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We have numerous Boardwave Breakouts already running or in the planning stages for the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and France, if you are a Boardwave Member, please login to apply to join the programme.

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