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Boardwave Networking Events 

We began our formal programme of Boardwave Networking events in September 2022 with our launch in London. 


These large members-only gala events are hosted by the leading lights in European software, many of which are our Patrons or Nextwavers. They offer a chance to meet and network with existing colleagues and forge new relationships.


Through our Connection Centre, Members can see the profiles of those registered to attend, ahead of time. So they can request to be connected, in order to fix a time to meet at the event. So members turn up knowing they have a series of meaningful new people to meet. Or use the facilitity after the event to followup with members you didnt get the chance to talk to.


Boardwave Inspiration

Our original content provides inspiration, exploring key issues and topics of interest to members. As well as giving pragmatic advice, or getting to know senior leaders of the sector through a glimpse into their lives.


Our podcast series regularly explores new trends with industry luminaries


See and hear members challenged to give their three pieces of advice for business success in 2-minute mentor.


Leader's Lives delves a bit deeper into what makes European Software Leaders tick and the journeys they've been. on in their careers.


Finally, our blog also tackles a complex array of topics, written by the Boardwave Team, and a number of guest bloggers.

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Boardwave Debate Series

Boardwave's series of intimate  breakfasts & dinners create an atmosphere that allows free-flowing discussion and debate. Each debate has a theme or topic which is of importance to our Members, led by an industry heavyweight, with specific and relevant experience in the topic of concern. ​

Mentoring Programme

Most of our members agree to also be mentors to one another. Our Mentoring Programme will connect you to people with all the relevant experience and skills to help you solve real-world problems, with tangible results.


This could be either in helping you become a better leader, or solving a crunchy business issue. Either way you and your business will benefit and be more successful.


Boardwave Mentoring

Fifty percent of our Members agree to also be Mentors to one another, pledging their time to mentor others. Our Mentoring Programme will connect you to people with all the relevant experience and skills to help you solve real-world problems for tangible results



*NB: only available to existing members


Boardwave Breakouts

A curated group of 6-8 CEO volunteers, come together for an in-depth self-guided four hour session, to confidentially discuss and explore their leadership and business challenges. Boardwave provides a professional moderator in local language to facilitate the session, supported by Boardwave's Breakout guidelines.

And if the dynamics are right, the group may agree to meet once for each of the following three quarters, to track and discuss each others progress towards success

Boardwave Workspace

Working in partnership with Techspace, the leading provider of co-working space for scale-up technology businesses, Boardwave Members can make use of their shared facilities for free.

This is for their locations in Shoreditch and Aldgate East in London and Eiswerk in Berlin, as well as additional locations that are being planned.

So if you're in London and need somewhere to sit and work, give the Techspace facilities a try.

London City
Discussion With Two People

Boardwave Connections

The Boardwave Connect platform helps you make the right connections. So, if you're a Member looking to be connected to another, our platform allows you to profile just the right person to provide expert guidance & advice or mentorship.

See all your live or pending connection requests in the Boardwave Connection Centre, where full contact details are revealed for those that have accepted your connection request.

There are three types of connections available: 


Expert Connect, for when you have a burning issue that you need some quick guidance on.


Mentor Connect, if you're seeking a longer term relationship with a possible mentor (50% of our members agree to mentor others).


Event Connect allowing you to connect to others attending the same Boardwave event, either before to agree a liason, or afterwards in follow-up.

*NB: only available to existing members