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Boardwave Strategy White Paper

How the UK & Europe can lead the global software industry by 2034.

A plan for economic growth, technological sovereignty and strategic autonomy.

Fast forward to 2034 and the UK and Europe are the unrivalled titans of the global software landscape. Boasting an unparalleled number of world-beating companies, the UK and Europe's software start-ups aren't just surviving - they're thriving spectacularly. The envy of the world, our Artificial Intelligence sector is not just part of the conversation, it is leading it.

Imagine your business in this future. What would it take to become a colossal global force to be reckoned with?

This remarkable growth story is the result of carefully orchestrated approach by trailblazers from the software sector, investors, policymakers, governments and the EU. Testament to the unwavering vision of our mission-driven founders and CEOs, at its heart is a dynamic, pulsating ecosystem that has hastened the pace of innovation and scaling among the UK and Europe’s software powerhouses.

At Boardwave we don't just discuss the future of our industry - we’re defining it. Our industry white paper discusses why the UK and Europe have historically underperformed in building companies that grow from start-ups, to rapidly scale into global software businesses of consequence, and the changes needed to allow us to lead.

"Our white paper, will be a key focal point for much of our work, events and content. And also as a basis for collaboration with governments and the EU.
Your endorsement and support for the central arguments is crucial in giving the document greater importance and helping set European software in the right direction."
Phill Robinson, CEO & Co-Founder, Boardwave

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Current Endorsements

Current Roles
Previous significant roles
Country of residence or experience
Dawn Marriott
Boardwave Patron; Exec Chair,, Geomatikk; NED Citation, Partner Hg
Chief Operating Officer, Capita
UK, Nordics
Sion Lewis
Boardwave Advisor; CEO Ciphr, Angel Investor
President EMEA,; CEO Accountancy Divn, IRIS Software
Federico Leproux
Boardwave Patron; CEO TeamSystem Spa
Management positions at Mckinsey & Bain
Stephane Kurgan
Boardwave Advisor; Venture Partner, Index Ventures, Chair QDE, NED Birdie, Codat, Board Observer Fonoa
Former COO, King (Candycrush); CFO Tideway
UK, Sweden, Belgium
Stephen Kelly
Boardwave Patron; CEO Cirata, Advisor to Blackrock, Isomer, LocumsNest; Chairs Science & Technology Honours Committee
Chair TechNation, CEO Sage, Microfocus, Chordiant; 1st Chief Operating Officer UK Govt.
Sian Jones
Boardwave Member; CEO Correla; Deputy Chair UK Statistics Agency
CEO XOSERVE, CIO Clarkes Shoes, CIO BT Wholesale
Nic Humphries
Boardwave Patron; Exec Chair Hg; Investor Visma, The Access Group, IRIS Software et al.
Fred Hessabi
Boardwave Patron SVP Chief Customer Officer, HERE Technologies
President International, SVP & GM EMEA North, SAP; CEO BDNA
Adam Hale
Boardwave Advisor; Chair, Clue Software, Arctic Shores; Venture Partner, Notion Capital
Previously Chair Scale-up institute, CEO Fairsail (sold to Sage)
Chano Fernandez
Boardwave Patron, Co-CEO
Previous co-CEO Workday
UK, US, Spain
Jacqui Ferguson
Boardwave Patron; Chair Tesco Bank, Deputy Chair EngineeringUK, NED National Grid, Softcat PLC, Croda, Wood PLC, Ambassador Women on Boards
Board Advisor ENGIE, Advisory Member 1st Ministers National Advisory Council for Women & Girls (Scotland), Advisory Board Docusign, Chair CBI, SVP Hewlett Packard
Jose Duarte
Boardwave Patron; Exec Chair InfoVista, proAlpha; Non-Exec SoftwareONE, Hallo
NED Expereo, Gelato, i2S, Bureau van Dijk, Techedge Espania,; CEO Infinitas Learning, Unit4; Corporate Officer SAP
Portugal, Fra, Ger, Benelux
Guy Dubois
Boardwave Patron; Chair Septeo, Smartrade
Chair The Access Group, NED Guidewire, CEO Temenos, MACH Group, President AMDOCS, CEO Cramer Systems
Nick Discombe
Boardwave Patron, Chair & NED Private Software organisations, Investor, AV LLP
CEO Witness Systems (NASDAQ listed), CEO Eyretel, President Synon Europe
Melissa di Donato
Boardwave Patron; Chair and CEO of Kyriba, Supervisory Board Porsche AG, iNED JPMorgan Europe Limited, Non-Exec Dept Science Innovation & Technology
CEO SUSE, COO Digital Core SAP, Vice President, Salesforce
Shruthi Chindalur
Boardwave Patron ; NED The Access Group
Exec positions at Microsoft & Linkedin
US, UK, India, Spain
James Bennett MBE
Boardwave Patron; TMT Partner, EY
formerly Founder & CEO The European Technology Forum
Rod Banner
Boardwave Patron; CEO 3LA
NED Moodsonic, Investor FLOWN, Chair Adjistics
Michel Akkermans
Boardwave Patron; Chair, NED and Investor; CEO Pamica BV. Board/Chair of 12+ companies.
Chair & CEO Clear2Pay, Exec Chair Data4S, Chair S1, Chair & CEO FICS Group
Belgium, Netherlands
Kath Easthope
Boardwave Co-Founder & COO
CMO, Phrasee, MD Byte, MD Lewis PR (UK)
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