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New for 2024

Boardwave Masterclasses

in partnership with Zoom

These webinar series bring together world-leading experts to help you solve key issues in your business.


Our first three series covered: 


Scaling Sales

Product Strategy 

Practical AI for Software Leaders​

All Masterclass sessions, which run for 60 minutes, are now available on-demand. To access the classes, and accompanying materials, click on the links below. 

All European Software Leaders Welcome


These Masterclasses are available to all software leaders looking for help and guidance in scaling their business, regardless of whether they are a member of Boardwave or not. 

Participate to acquire strategic insights and actionable guidance from founders and CEOs with relevant real-world experience. By registering, you will gain access to all sessions in the series, as well as downloadable tools and templates. 

There is no expectation for you to attend every session. Once registered for a series, use the platform to RSVP to the sessions you would like to attend, whether one or the whole series. 

Scaling Sales Masterclass

Learn all of the key actionable strategies for sales excellence and growth from industry veterans to equip your company for success.

Hear From Visionary Sales Scalers:

  • Steve Garnett, ex-Chair Salesforce Europe

  • Chano Fernandez, Co-CEO, ex Co-CEO Workday

  • Lindsey Armstrong, Board Member, ex-President Int'l Salesforce and Symantec

  • Martin MacKay, CRO Versa Networks

  • Steve Neat, International Growth Advisor

  • Dan Hyde, CEO Erevena

  • Elay Cohen, CEO Saleshood

  • Sue Goble, Advisor & ex-Chief Customer Officer Sage

  • Neil Morgan, CMO Advisory, ex-CMO Gocardless, EVP Sage

  • Filip Sturman, CPO Fonoa

To access this free Masterclass series, create a new account on our platform by clicking the button below. Boardwave Members, please note this account is separate to your Member profile. 

PG general.png
Hosted by series coach: Peter Grant

Peter is a growth advisor to startups with over two decades experience in the SaaS industry. He has been involved in nearly $1 billion worth of technology sales. Peter introduces each episode with expert guest coaches, discussing their area of specialism

Who is this series for?
  • B2B SaaS CEOs, both Enterprise & SME

  • Start-ups (£1-10m ARR) building go-to-market organisations

  • All Sales leaders reviewing sales organization performance

Episode 1: Now On-Demand

Establishing the facts: your go-to-market manifesto​

Speakers: Lindsey Armstrong, Board Member, 

ex-President Int'l Salesforce + Symantec, 

Filip Sturman , CPO Fonoa

Episode 2: Now On-Demand

Creating your unique value proposition

Speakers: ​Neil Morgan, CMO Advisory, ex CMO GoCardless..

Episode 3: Now On-Demand

Sales Mastery, the art of sealing the deal

Speakers: Steve Neat & Martin Mackay, CRO Versa Networks

Episode 4: Now On-Demand

Sales Enablement, empowering your dream team

Speakers: ​Elay Cohen, CEO - SalesHood

Episode 5: Now On-Demand

Customer Triumph, your customer success story

Speakers:  Sue Goble, ex-CCO Sage, Chris Rauch

Episode 6: Now On-Demand

Hiring Aces, building your all-star GTM line-up

Speakers: ​Daniel Hyde, CEO Erevena, Lucy Jacobs, CMO Upliift

Episode 7: Now On-Demand

Go-to-market metrics for a sustainable business

Speakers: ​James Bagan, Frog Capital

Product Strategy Masterclass

Discover exactly how to advance your product startup with Nick Black, a SaaS/Deep Tech expert. Learn the key secrets your business will need to thrive in Europe’s software market, alongside practical robust strategies, guided by industry leaders.

Hear From International Product Leaders:

  • Abakar Saidov, CEO & Co-Founder Beamery

  • Anastasia Leng, CEO & Founder CreativeX

  • Paul Archer, Founder and CEO of Duel

  • Andrew Crump, Founder of Unkillable

  • Kate, Founder & CEO, Fair HQ 

  • Alex Myers, Co-CEO Upliift

  • MG Gurbaxani, CEO & Founder, Cuvama

  • Cary Osman, CEO Cruxy

  • Lorena Szerman, Global CRO/CPO, Advisor

  • Jonathan McKay, Chair, Boardwave

  • Pietro Ferrari, Co-Founder & CPO BOARD International

  • Elisabeth Ling, Investor & NED esure

  • Sue Goble, Advisor, ex-Chief Customer Officer, Sage

  • Tony Connell, CPO Fintech, CEO Red Cell Risk

To access this free Masterclass series, create a new account on our platform by clicking the button below. Boardwave Members, please note this account is separate to your Member profile. 

NB general.png
Who is this series for?
  • Founders, building product for the first time

  • Early-stage firms building & scaling product orgs

  • Later-stage firms recalibrating product strategy,

  • Firms review pricing or packaging new products

  • Mature software company leaders transitioning to SaaS or AI

Hosted by series coach: Nick Black


Nick is an experienced SaaS/Deep Tech founder and executive coach who, over the past 15 years, has helped take startups from zero to scale-up. 

Episode 1: Now On-Demand

Finding product-market fit

Speakers: Abakar Saidov, Anastasia Leng, Andrew Crump, Paul Archer

Episode 2: Now On-Demand

Building diverse product teams

Speakers: Kate Pljaskovova, Hayley Marsden

Episode 3: Now On-Demand

Product pricing and strategy

Host: Alex Myers (Upliift),
Speakers: Katy Wigdahl, Teo Blidarus, Tom Hacquoil

Episode 4: Now On-Demand

Hiring product managers: Upgrade your product by upgrading your product leaders

SpeakersMiia Paavola, Lorena Szerman 

Episode 5: Now On-Demand

Connecting product strategy to results: Crafting strategies to delight your customers​

Speakers: Pietro Ferrari (ex-BOARD International), Jonathan McKay (Boardwave), Elisabeth Ling

Episode 6: Now On-Demand

Pragmatic customer discovery: hone in on customer insights to stay ahead

Speakers: ​Sue Goble (ex-Sage), Tony Connell

Episode 7: Now On-Demand

Building product organisations that scale

Speakers: ​Rob Elkin, Simone Basso, Elisabeth Ling

Leveraging AI

Demystify the dynamic world of AI with UK software luminary, Sumir Karayi, and elite industry specialists. Master practical insights on ChatGPT, AI strategy, and its legal framework to help you elevate your business with transformative AI knowledge and applications.

Hear From AI Masters:


  • Peter Nixey, Founder & Coach

  • Joshua Wöhle, Founder & CEO

  • Bram Hoovers, Considerati

  • Jord Goudsmit, Considerati

To access this free Masterclass series, create a new account on our platform by clicking the button below. Boardwave Members, please note this account is separate to your Member profile. 

Leveraging AI general.png
Who is this series for?
  • Any software leader who has yet to embrace AI

  • Anyone looking for down to earth practical advice & ideas

  • Leaders looking for ways to improve business efficiency with AI

  • Leaders developing new product plans with AI included

Hosted by series coach: Sumir Karayi

Sumir Karayi is one of the UK's most successful software entrepreneurs. Having sold his business 1E to the Carlyle Group, he now pursues his interest in AI and is a judge for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards

Episode 1: Now On-Demand

Actionable techniques to help you develop your AI strategy

Speakers:  Peter Nixey, Founder, & AI Coach

Episode 2: Now On-Demand

AI mastery for CEOs – Using ChatGPT for strategic business advantage

Speakers: ​Joshua Wöhle, CEO,   

Episode 3: Now On-Demand

Navigating AI – Legal, Ethics and Safety

Speakers: Bram Hoovers & Jord Goudsmit, Considerati

Episode 4: Now On-Demand

Delivering AI at scale

Speakers: James Bickerton, Head of Client Development,

HSBC (Global Banking)   

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