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Boardwave in partnership with Mindstone

Practical AI for Software Leaders

Boardwave and Mindstone, are partnering to make Artificial Intelligence knowledge-sharing and skills training, more accessible to all European software Founders & CEOs and their entire organisations for free. Boardwave members can now attend all of Mindstone's, wildly popular meet-ups, throughout Europe, and bring any of the team or other employees along at no cost.


Started in 2023, Mindstone's AI meetups, are a phenomena, with over 5,000 members of this global community, focused on knowledge sharing and the practical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Expand your knowledge and understanding of AI now, and join the next Mindstone Meet-up - sponsored by Boardwave.

Boardwave for Mindstone Community Members

If you're a Mindstone Community member, and a software Founder or CEO you are also eligible to apply for membership of Boardwave, the pre-eminent European networking community for Software Leaders. Please use our fast track code: "mstone1" in your application form

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AI will revolutionise every aspect of business. It’s estimated it will deliver €600 billion in gross value added (GVA) revenue to the European economy by 2030. 

However, there is a skills and knowledge gap within senior leadership that has the potential to severely limit the practical application and potential of AI. 

For UK and European software companies to remain competitive, it is imperative that leaders, and not just the general workforce, are upskilled in using AI. 

Creating an industry skilled and able to help other sectors lead on AI, will ensure stronger momentum for UK and European software against its global competitors.

The meet ups

Monthly practical-AI events

Our partnership with Mindstone will make AI more accessible to software leaders, who are members of Boardwave and their entire teams, by providing practical advice, guidance and training, for free. 


As a member, you and your team are now able to attend any of the Mindstone Meetup community events in Europe. Mindstone has already delivered programmes to more than 3,500 senior-level attendees in seven major cities including London, Madrid, Istanbul, Helsinki and Sofia. Boardwave’s members can also register for the Mindstone AI Mastery Program of online training.

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