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Ciao Italia! Boardwave Launches in Italy: Celebrating a New Era of European Software Collaboration

Last Thursday marked a significant milestone here at Boardwave with our official launch in Italy. To celebrate the occasion, we held a VIP dinner at Ristorante Berton, one of Milan's finest restaurants. Launching into Italy is another statement of our mission to unify the fragmented European software industry by facilitating unprecedented collaboration and dialogue, and it was wonderful to see CEOs not just from Italy, but from all over Europe in attendance, ready to build local relationships. 

A Night of Insight and Vision

The evening brought together a who's who of the Italian and European software sectors with our speakers for the night, Pierfrancesco Angeleri, President of AssoSoftware, Federico Leproux, CEO of TeamSystem, and Phill Robinson, our founder and CEO, each sharing their visions for a more integrated European software community.

Federico Leproux highlighted the transformative shifts occurring within the market, noting, "Even markets like ours, which have always been domestic, are witnessing great transformation, which makes it even more necessary, more useful, to talk to each other and try to create European champions." His perspective underscored a growing trend towards European consolidation, a sentiment that resonates with Boardwave’s objectives.

Phill Robinson shared the inspiration behind Boardwave, expressing his enthusiasm: "I'm so thrilled to be here with you to launch Italy. It's been a project we've been working on for two years." He elaborated on the challenges that have traditionally plagued European software firms, such as risk aversion and a lack of cohesive market strategies. "We started Boardwave because we wanted to try and understand why in Europe we've been less successful in building the software industry for the last 20 years than in the US," he explained. His call to action was clear, "Now, we want to build a community together so we can help each other build the industry the way that we have to, so that it can thrive."

The night was as much about forging future paths as it was about celebration, with many in the room sharing their experiences and insights throughout the evening, demonstrating the wealth of knowledge and leadership present. "There are lots of amazing people, lots of amazing leaders in software businesses that are known around the world," Phill added, highlighting the potential of these gatherings to spark meaningful change and innovation across Europe. 

A Unified Front Supported by Strong Partnerships

Everything that we do here at Boardwave is made possible by our consortium of partners, who are all as dedicated as we are to help sculpt a robust European software industry. Milan’s event was kindly sponsored by KKR and Upliift, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support. Thanks also to the dream team who helped make the Italian launch happen:  Federico Leproux, Sara Thomas, Pietro Ferrari, Christian Pelanconi, Dominic Policella, Max Pellegrini and Pierfrancesco Angeleri.

Looking Forward

Our Milan dinner was just the beginning, so please keep an eye on our events page for upcoming gatherings across Italy and Europe, each designed to encourage the kind of collaboration and innovation that can transform each of your businesses and the landscape of the software industry.

If you know someone who would benefit from being a member of Boardwave, someone who is as passionate about shaping the future of the European software industry as we are, then please to join us.


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