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Boardwave Live: Turning Vision into Action

Flagship Event

Building Europe’s Tech Titans

Welcome to Boardwave Live 2024, where we don’t just envision the future of the software sector - we’re here to help ignite it.


How can we help your company go further, faster?

Welcome to Boardwave Live 2024! A day dedicated to inspiring you to do just that. Join us to hear from leaders of world renowned software companies as they share essential insights and lessons to help you propel your business forward. 

This full-day event will bring together over 450 of our Founder and CEO members from across Europe. An extraordinary gathering designed to unite us in our quest to become a software superpower. Network with the brightest minds, exchange groundbreaking ideas, and forge powerful collaborations. Don't miss this unique opportunity to be part of a movement that is set to redefine the future of software innovation. 

Be there to experience, inspire, and lead! 

Turning vision into action: Building Europe's Tech Titans

At last year’s event, we travelled through time to the year 2033, a time when European Software leads the world. And if that were true, what would have to be true in the meantime.

Boardwave Live 2024, is about


Hear from inspiring leaders who are already running global leading businesses from Europe. What are their tips for success? We will learn about their journeys and what makes them and their businesses so successful.


It’s time to explore the rich opportunities, concrete steps and strategies that will transform your business into a global success and will drive Europe to deliver a renaissance in technology.

This year, we focus on the practical and what we can achieve: and by attending you’ll get to hear from founders and leaders who are currently scaling remarkable companies and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, at every stage of business growth. We’ll celebrate the areas where Europe is currently flourishing, identify the ones we need to accelerate now to become stronger, and explore how we can support more business leaders to scale at a faster rate.


A day of Insight, Inspiration, and Opportunity

Conversations with leaders who are actively scaling incredible companies. These are the heroes of today and tomorrow, who have navigated the complexities of growth and are shaping the future of the European software industry.

As Boardwave member and Non-Exec director Gabrielle Hase puts it: "There's always opportunity and there's always challenge, but the sands are shifting, it's an inflection point because of AI and we'd be really silly not to make the most of it."

This is a time to ignite growth, seize opportunities, and drive optimJoinism throughout our industry. The day will be filled with inspiring stories, practical insights, and the collective energy needed to propel us into a prosperous future.

Boardwave Live is an essential gathering of Europe's software leaders. Led by Founders and CEOs for Founders and CEOs, this is your chance to learn from industry pioneers, make strategic connections, and be part of the collective effort that is transforming Europe’s software landscape.

Let’s ignite growth together and shape a future where Europe stands as a global software powerhouse.

About Boardwave

Connecting leaders across Europe to unite in our vision to become a software superpower.

Launched in May 2022, Boardwave is a mission-driven community with over 1600 members in the UK and European software industry, fostering a powerful network of founders, CEOs, and investors.

Drawing inspiration from Silicon Valley's
collaborative spirit, Boardwave is dedicated to propelling the UK and European software industry forward by offering a free membership model to CEOs andfounders that grants them access to a comprehensive ecosystem of support,
including networking opportunities, access to expertise, mentoring, and capital.


Backed by a consortium of more than 80 leading investors, Boardwave is committed to facilitating the UK and European software sectors' journey towards becoming global leaders by 2033.

Hear from other Members

Great to see so many faces from the software ecosystem present and be part of the vibrant community of software leaders Boardwave is building.

Sanjit Benawra



What these guys are doing is incredible. Building an amazing, supportive, knowledge-sharing and skill-sharing community for the tech founders of Europe so we can give the States a run for its money. And according to some of the world's AI leaders in attendance last night, we are in the right place to be right now.

neil smith.jpeg
Neil Smith

CEO & Founder


The credit goes to you for having designed and implemented such a meaningful European network . I have the opportunity to give back while learning from these awesome entrepreneurs. So my pleasure!

marie pierre.jpeg
Marie-Pierre Rogers

Vice chair & Chair NCC


If you have any questions about the event, please contact 

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