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Flagship event

Boardwave Live:

Transforming our tomorrow

A bold vision for 2033

Fast forward to 2033 and Europe is the unrivaled titan of the global software landscape. Boasting an unparalleled number of world-beating companies, Europe's software start-ups aren't just surviving - they're thriving spectacularly. The envy of the world, our Artificial Intelligence sector is not just part of the conversation, it is leading it.

Imagine your business in this future. What would it take to become a colossal global force to be reckoned with?

This remarkable growth story is the result of carefully strategized government initiatives, co-created with trailblazers from the tech sector. It has been spurred on by a consistent and abundant access to capital, throughout each phase of growth. And a testament to the unwavering vision of our mission-driven Founders and CEOs. At its heart is a dynamic, pulsating ecosystem that has hastened the pace of innovation and scaling among Europe’s software powerhouses.

At Boardwave Live we don't just discuss the future of our industry - we’re defining it. We assemble an exclusive circle of 200+ of the most influential Software CEOs from Europe and unite them with iconic global visionaries and astute investors & leaders.

Boardwave Live is unique - a symphony of illuminating keynotes, insightful panel discussions, candid on-stage interviews, and unparalleled networking. We consider the elements necessary for our members to carve their success stories in a world where Artificial Intelligence reigns supreme and digital is the default.

Let's seize the future together and steer our businesses towards a bold new frontier in an AI-driven, digital-first economy.

The road to 2033 began on 28th September, 2023, in a packed room at BAFTA London.

250 of Europe’s top tech CEOs and founders came together to map out the next decade of accelerated growth. If all goes to plan, Boardwave Live was the first day of European software’s rise to global ascendancy.


The foundations are already in place: as Boardwave Founder, Phill Robinson explained in his opening keynote, there was as much early stage venture capital in Europe as in the US in 2022. Competing in later stage growth must be the industry's next target. “We can become a tech superpower”, he said, “and your company can become a $100m business by 2033”.

NED, Infovista, Boardwave Patron & Mentor
Jose Duarte

NED, Infovista, Boardwave Patron & Mentor

Founder & former CEO, Streetbees and Boardwave Nextwaver & Mentor
Tugce Bulut

Founder & former CEO, Streetbees and Boardwave Nextwaver & Mentor

CEO, Kuberno and Boardwave Mentor
Zoe Bucknell

CEO, Kuberno and Boardwave Mentor

About Boardwave

We create powerful relationships that accelerate success in software

Boardwave is a little different to most businesses. Our primary goal is to generate positive change in the European software sector. We are passionate about empowering our software industry leaders to grow, scale and build great software companies and create a more successful software sector that leads the world. We are mission driven, not profit driven. 
Impact-driven, we prioritise community engagement, stakeholder participation and transparency and use innovative and creative solutions to enable all our Members to get access to the knowledge, experience, support and mentoring they need to build successful global businesses. Our organisation creates change in the European software industry, so it can lead the world. We do this with a conscious focus on equality, diversity and inclusion in all its forms.
Boardwave is free to join for all European software Founders, CEOs, Chairs and Independent NEDs, removing the financial barriers to inclusion that normally exist, so that any software leader can take advantage of our programmes. 


If you’d like to nominate a new member that you feel would be a great Boardwaver, click here.

Hear from other Members

Thank you to the Boardwave team for a kickass networking event last night. Why is it refreshingly different? Really strong mix of operational execs who have scaled software companies, scaling CEOs and investors.

Mike Reid

Senior Partner

Frog Capital

I see Boardwave as a huge opportunity to meet with people who have gone along the same journey, sharing best practice and trying to avoid the pitfalls and just having a support network.

Zoe Bucknell



Boardwave is part of Europe’s future success in tech and we are helping to build the bridge between European tech and Silicon Valley, bringing Silicon Valley board advice to Europe.

Richard Goold


Wilson Sonsini

If you have any questions about the event, please contact 

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