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Boardwave Journal

Thought provoking content

Get actionable advice, thought provoking content and real-life stories from other members, on the go with our collection of inspirational content. The Boardwave Journal is dedicated to enhancing leadership skills, operational excellence, and strategic impact.



The stories and strategies of software's foremost thinkers and doers. From intimate conversations with industry pioneers to wellness wisdom for peak performance, this section is dedicated to inspiring and guiding current and aspiring leaders on their path to making a lasting mark in the software sector.

Colleagues at Work

Leaders Lives

Behind the success: the journeys, challenges, and wisdom of the sector's leading minds.

Two Minute Mentor

What are your top tips for building a successful business in 2 minutes?

Working From Home
Founder Fitness
Working at home


Providing a panoramic view of emerging trends, innovations, and the companies making waves. From sector spotlights to expert Q&As, this section is where curiosity meets expert analysis, covering what’s now and what’s next and keeping readers informed and ahead in the fast-

paced world of software.


Making Waves is the exclusive podcast series from Boardwave. Each 30-minute episode is issue led. Designed to be thought-provoking, occasionally controversial and entertaining, we address topics that are requested by, or relevant to, our Members and Leaders of the European software industry. You will hear from global leaders, emerging talent and special guests – all experts in their field.

Business Consultation

Operational Excellence

Actionable insights and strategies for scaling success, from investment wisdom to innovative growth hacks. This section delivers practical

toolkits and expert advice designed to empower founders and leaders at every stage, ensuring the path to success is not just envisioned but achieved with precision and expertise.

Growth Hacks

Strategic Accelerators: Proven tactics and untold stories of scaling success


Talent & Impact

Shining a light on the core of software’s progress: its people and their purpose. Exploring how DEI, company culture and ethical decisions drive meaningful change in the software sector and lead to more successful companies.

People & Purpose

Pioneering Purpose: Forging the future of tech with diversity, ethics, and meaningful action.

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