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How can Europe take on Silicon Valley?

Boardwave Founder, Phill Robinson sat down with Boardwave Committee Member, Martin Ward to discuss building a united and more successful European software industry for the latest episode of the Waypointers podcast.

The episode, which is the second in a new series of industry-focused podcasts from Boardwave Sponsor, Waypoint Partners, is an in-depth analysis of the differences between the software sectors in Europe and Silicon Valley. Given the close geographic proximity of businesses in the latter, Silicon Valley has historically benefitted from a much greater ability to collaborate and share knowledge than in the more fragmented European market.

Through his work with tech leaders Oracle and Salesforce, as well as Exact, the largest software company in Benelux, Phill is uniquely positioned to compare the two industries. The Waypointers podcast episode details why Phill founded Boardwave in April 2022 to “give something back to the European software industry” after a distinguished career on both sides of the Atlantic.